We empower women from preconception throughout pregnancy, birth, ​and postpartum journey!​ 

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Mother Me Baby's mission is to give you and your partner the guidance you need to connect through this experience and make these moments memorable. We are here to inform pregnant mothers, new mothers and their families, enabling them to take control over their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience in a natural and holistic way..

Realizing what's in store all through pregnancy, birth, postpartum add additionally knowing how to encourage open communication with your medical care providers. Some families are unaware of their rights and choices. We can also help educate the family/partner so they can effectively help the expectant mother or new mother through the utilization of our doula services, it is our passion to help bring together the family engaging them with information and assets to settle on their own choices with confidence in a holistic way.​

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"More support than you realize. A doula helps you feel supported and confident in your decisions."- Tamika, Former Client